Natural Remedies And Common Uses For Fenugreek

fenugreek uses and remedies

Fenugreek has a wide varieties of uses in many national diets and folk remedy apothecaries. Traces of it were found in over 3000-year-old Egyptian tombs. It probably began to be used in the Middle East, and now it is used all over the world. It is frequently used as a seed or in its dried, leafy form.

It is eaten as a fresh vegetable in India, where it is called the in one Indian language. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine. An American shopper could probably find fenugreek seeds and powder in any large spice counter in any big food market.

As a food and flavoring, fenugreek is considered nutritious and safe for all but a handful of people–excluding pregnant women. It has a reputation in folk medicine traditions in many countries of helping improve lactation or increase breast size.

There are stories on the web claiming fenugreek was fed to harem women to help make them buxomer. Some Arabs consider Oil of Have a male and possibly a female aphrodisiac.

About Fenugreek

The list of other medical conditions for which fenugreek is used is extremely long and impressive.

Fenugreek is so commonly used by all sorts of people in all sorts of food preparations that it would probably come as quite a surprise to most fenugreek consumers that it is sometimes considered an aphrodisiac. Records are going back to ancient Roman times which extoll fenugreek’s virtues as an aphrodisiac.

Many other literary and scholarly sources also connect fenugreek with sexual stimulation. In Nepal fenugreek has been considered a powerful aphrodisiac. But something is missing in all these references.

This author has not found a single written description in English of how fenugreek works as an aphrodisiac. Fenugreek is utilised in the all sorts of the food every day–as an vital ingredient in maple syrup substitutes, for example. There is no record of a rash of unexpected and uncontrolled sexual behavior after eating morning flapjacks. How does fenugreek become an aphrodisiac, as opposed to a normal food or flavor? What has to be done to produce this great transition?

Oil of have, when purchased in a Middle Eastern market with a label partly in English, provides some instructions for use. But, being the product of a culture which does not advertise or flaunt sexual prowess, the label will almost certainly not give instructions how to heighten the product’s effects on the libido. For that purpose, word of mouth might be necessary.

Some Egyptians of the author’s acquaintance tell him a few drops of oil of have are mixed in tea after the evening meal, and the brew will take effect at bedtime. Well, maybe not bedtime the first night. Maybe the morning after or the second night. How many drops? How many hours? There is a great deal of room here for experimentation.

Bear in mind that for thousands of years people have insisted it works. If you are interested, keep trying until you find the right combination. Then let the rest of the world know.

Fenugreek Hair Remedy – Great Natural Cure For Balding’

If you look hard enough, you’ll find that there are many ways in which you can treat the loss of your hair and prevent further loss of it. Many people are out looking for that quick overnight cure for their balding problem, but then later find that it doesn’t exist.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re getting nowhere in your attempts to stop your hair loss condition, know that you aren’t alone. Hair loss affects many men and women of varying age groups all over the world. But one thing many of those who are experiencing thin hair fail to realize is that the best way to eliminate hair fall is by attacking the problem naturally.

Fenugreek is one such herbal remedy that has been used for quite some time to encourage healthy hair growth. It is worth your consideration. How can you use fenugreek to better the growth of your hair so that you no longer have to worry about losing it?

Fenugreek can also be soaked in a pot of water overnight. The next day simply takes the liquid from the soaked fenugreek and massage it into the scalp wrapping your head with a cloth for three hours. You should repeat this procedure every day for a least 30 days for maximum effects.

The 3 Effective Ways On How We Can Protect Our Kidney

Our kidney plays a major role in our body. It secretes and cleanses the toxins so that we will be healthy. However, we need to make sure that we can also take care of our kidney to ensure that it will function at a hundred percent. Any complications that will occur to our kidney can lead to more serious problems like the most dreaded renal failure. Check out the useful ways on how we can protect our kidney.

1. Limit the salt intake

The number one cause of kidney problems is too much salt intake. We may say that we don’t put too much salt in our food, but that is just with the food we prepare ourselves. Other things contain a lot of salts. You can find it everywhere, from the chips we eat up to the noodles that we buy.

2. Slow down on too much protein

We know that protein is good for our body but as what all people say, too much is never good. If we are just eating a lot of meat, our kidneys will have to work on overtime. We all know what happens to over used machines, right? It breaks down. With our kidney, we can’t just have it repaired, so it is better if we take good care of it.

3. Drink a lot of water

For a typical outgoing individual, there could be a need for you to drink more than the recommended eight glasses. For some people who have aged, the recommended water intake is around six glasses. Why does it matter? It’s because it can reduce the risk of having kidney stones that can cause a big problem with our kidney.

If you want to have a healthy and well-functioning kidney, it is important for you to follow the three effective ways to take care of your kidney.