Melanie Greenberg PhD is not just here to spread awareness through the tidbits of facts that we share to the people because Melanie Greenberg is also someone who helps out different institutions. Her advocacy encourages all the readers to share what you can as well by making a donation to these various organizations that she is helping. Check it out.

Healthy Child Healthy World

It is a non-profit organization that specializes in helping the children all over the world. Its mission is to spread awareness about the protection of the kids against toxic chemicals that are harmful to their bodies.

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International Diabetes Federation

It is an organization that helps people unite to find a policy that will assist all the individuals who are suffering from diabetes all over the globe.

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It is an organization that provides assistance to people who are suffering from cancer. Whether what you need is a mental, emotional or financial aid, CancerCare is here to help.

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Melanie Greenberg PhD wants to make sure that we can also spread awareness about those organizations that would need the donation from the people. Don’t hesitate to help because a dollar can take a long way.