Melanie Greenberg, PhD
33 Millwood Street, Suite 4
Mill Valley 94941

Providing private individual sessions for:

  • Chronic Pain or Illness: chronic pain, fatigue, IBS, headache, arthritis,autoimmune, cancer, hypertension  etc
  • Health Psychology: weight management, lifestyle changes, eating disorders
  • Depression and Anxiety Disorders: depression: generalized anxiety, panic disorder, OCD
  • Grief and Trauma: PTSD symptoms, emotional numbing, prolonged grief, dealing with past child abuse
  • Relationship & Family Stress: relationship conflict, marital discord,  divorce, parenting support, aging parents
  • Work-Life Conflict & Financial Stress: dealing with loss of status and position, rebuilding, job stress
  • Addictions: emotional triggers, spirituality,compassion, relapse prevention, physiology
  • Couples Counseling:  conflict management skills, compassionate communication, regaining trust and connection
  • Stress Management and Integrative Techniques: deep breathing, muscle relaxation, mindfulness, mental imagery,
  • Anger Management and Assertiveness Skills: social problem-solving, conflict management and relaxation skills
  • Co-dependency: addressing problematic relational patterns, identifying core values and setting limits
  • Parent Training: value-based parenting, role modeling, communication, setting limits,
  • Kids Peer Relationships:  gossip, betrayal, exclusion, cliques, social problem-solving, standing up for oneself

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