Private Practice Services

I provide Individual Therapy & Couples Therapy Services in Mill Valley, Marin county, 94941. In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of my clients individual needs and based on my conceptualization of the internal (thoughts, feelings, physical reactions) and external (environment, relationships) triggers and factors maintaining the problem behavior patterns.

Psychological Assessment
I provide comprehensive assessment of conditions such as chronic pain, effects of trauma, adult AD/HD, Major Depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I use validated scales and clinical interviews to determine diagnoses, emotional sequelae, life impact & extent of disability.

Mind-Body and Medical Problems
Chronic pain or illness is a stressor, imposing limitations on lifestyle and causing disabling symptoms. I help you deal with getting a diagnosis, medical decision-making & treatment, concern for family members.
I teach you Cognitive & Behavioral coping skills to reduce symptoms and their impact on your life.

Anxiety Disorders, OCD
I use Cognitive-Behavioral techniques that have been shown to work in clinical research studies and are considered state of the art treatment. We begin by identifying triggering situations and your mind-body responses. You learn both cognitive and behavioral/physiological coping skills that will allow you to gradually confront your fears until anxiety goes down.

Weight Management, Eating Disorders, Addictions, Lifestyle Change .
I teach you to identify high risk situations and cope with cravings. Therapy deals with accountability, healthy choices, balance and integrity. I also focus on past traumas or insecure attachment patterns. I teach coping skills such as journaling, mental imagery, relaxation, spirituality. I help you to have healthier patterns in your relationships.

Depression or Grief
I begin with empathy and validation for your losses. I help you to identify and schedule positively engaging & replenishing activities. I teach you to recognize, accept, and express emotions and to deal with negative thought patterns. I also teach you problem-solving and communication skills to help strengthen your relationships. I use existential and cognitive techniques to help you find meaning and reengage with life.

Traumas, Childhood Physical or Emotional Abuse, ACOA
Childhood or adult traumas can have long-term impact on your life. Some common reactions are feeling flooded with negative feelings, feeling panicked or on edge, emotional numbing, and avoidance behaviors. I provide a safe setting which combines emotional support with teaching skills such as mindfulness, cognitive reframing, expression, or relaxation

Marital or Relationship Problems
My form of Couples Therapy addresses issues of trust, communication breakdown, loss of intimacy, and destructive ways of relating. I focus on attachment and communication styles as well as respect, creating intimacy, deescalating conflict, and constructive expression. I also help couples see how external stresses from financial, family, or childrearing responsibilities may affect their relationship. I treat couples of varying backgrounds, including heterosexual and GLBT clients.

Child Behavior Problems.
I teach parents more effective communication skills, how to take back control while giving the child choices, setting limits, and letting consequences do the teaching. These methods are based on my training in Child Behavior Therapy and Love and Logic Parenting. I also work with the child to teach coping skills for regulating emotion and impulsivity and improve social problem-solving.

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