The Top 4 Home Remedies To Relieve Constipation

One of the usual things that we suffer from is constipation, but not all people will seek help because there are some who are a little shy about it. There are also people who will not mind it with the thinking that it will pass. It is the wrong way of thinking because if it will be neglected and it has been happening all the time, it can also cause serious problems. Here are the home solutions that you can do if you are suffering from constipation.

1. Olive Oil

We all know that it is extremely healthy for our body. Olive oil can be used to help us with constipation as well. It will serve as a lubricant in our digestive system making sure that all of our organs are functioning well. What we need is just one tablespoon of olive oil, and it is preferably taken in the morning.

2. Lemon drink

If you can make it a habit of drinking warm water with lemon every morning, for sure constipation will be the least of your problems. Since lemon has a citric feature, it can stimulate the digestive system and flush the unnecessary things in our body.

3. Drink coffee moderately

Most of us love coffee. It has been our partner every morning to keep us going for the day. It has more uses though due to the caffeine contents. It can promote the right digestion in our body. What you can do is drink a cup or two, and you are all set.

4. Baking Soda

It is like a do it all ingredient at home. For constipation, what you can do is mix it with a cup of warm water and drink it. In a few minutes, it will be able to let you discharge without a problem.

With all the home remedies that help us to relieve constipation, there is no more need for us to endure the pain.

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